Smart and Simple Planning for a Major Career-Related Move

When you accept a job offer in a different city or state, you’ll have just a moment to bask in your accomplishment before you glance around your home and wonder how you’re going to pull off a major move. The key is to keep calm and take one step at a time. Read on for some pointers from Webster & Co. Moving Services.


Two Months Out: Get Organized

The best outcome for your move is that all your possessions arrive at your destination in the same condition as before they were loaded onto a truck. Nothing is lost or broken, and you can unpack your life quickly. To achieve a quick, affordable, stress-free, and successful relocation, you’ll need an organizational system that allows you to remain in control of every step along the way:

  • Create a Google Doc comprising the timeline, tracking data, and moving details.
  • Keep a file or binder for all move-related documents.
  • Back up your files, and save all important photos to an external hard drive.
  • Decluttering School says to declutter by throwing away, recycling, or donating any items you wish to purge.
  • Inventory everything you own, and gather receipts for valuable items.
  • Obtain health certificates and microchips for pets in case of emergency.
  • Begin budgeting for professional movers or DIY supplies.
  • Don’t forget to have your updated resume ready for prospective employers if you have yet to land a job. You can create your resume for free by using an online resume builder that will allow you to generate a slick, professional-looking document quickly and easily.


Livability notes that it’s also time to start looking for a place to live in your new city. While living close to the office is perfect for saving time and fuel, you’ll want to make sure you can afford the real estate. If you can, make a trip to scope out the region, or ask your future colleagues about the best neighborhoods. Check out current listings to determine the average sale and rental prices in your target area. If you find a house or apartment you like, scan the floorplan and measure your furniture to make sure your stuff will fit.


One Month Out: Take Action

Now that you have a plan, it’s time to start collecting the necessary tools and materials to accomplish this move. If you opt for a DIY move, you’ll need to acquire boxes, wrapping paper, tape, and moving blankets for a successful pack-out.


If you’re hiring movers like Webster & Co. Moving Services, your needs depend on whether you plan to box up your own belongings or allow the packing experts to take charge. When speaking to representatives of moving companies, you should inquire about promotional offers, but the cheapest quote may not guarantee good service. You don’t want to arrive at your new home to discover a giant scratch in the wood of your dining room table. Be sure to check out online reviews for all available transport professionals in your local area before hiring a moving company.


Your household may not be the only thing you’re uprooting. If you run a business from your current location, you’ll need to work through the logistics and legalities of relocating and reregistering your company in a new state. Be sure to research the process for naming your LLC, filing the articles of organization, and obtaining an employer identification number (EIN) for tax purposes. If paying a lawyer during a significant move doesn’t fit into your budget right now, you can file your own paperwork or use an online formation service to register your LLC.


Without a proper plan, you may have difficulty navigating the intricacies of a major move. By keeping track of all aspects of the operation, you can avoid missing deadlines, forgetting appointments, and neglecting important duties along the way.


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