Easy Rental Updates That Won’t Put Your Deposit in Jeopardy

If you’re downsizing for retirement and moving from a home you owned to a rented condo, apartment, or duplex, you’re not only going to a smaller space but also one that might be a little harder to personalize. But, harder doesn’t mean impossible! Even if you can’t take a hammer to the things that bother you most, you can make a rental space your own (and your landlord will be none the wiser).


Start With the Right Movers

Hiring a moving company is a small investment that can save you money in the long run. Webster & Company Moving Services is an affordable option and even offers basic damage protection at the standard rate of $.60 per pound. Even though your movers will be careful, a good general tip here is to lay down special floor coverings to prevent scratches and dents during the moving process.


Get Comfortable With Peel And Stick Products


Peel and stick wallpaper, tile, and flooring are hands-down the simplest and least damaging ways to transform any room. You can design your own wallpaper for a fully customizable look that’s guaranteed in stock. For wood or tile floors that need an update, you can’t go wrong with peel and stick flooring either. The same goes for dated bathroom and laundry room walls, where sticky tile makes for an instant and long-lasting update if you prepare the wall properly. Each of these products will stick well to their respective surfaces and can be taken off without leaving a mark when it’s time to move.


Add Storage


When you’re moving into a smaller space, you likely still have more stuff than you need. A simple and quick update to your home is to add additional storage. This could be something as big as a new armoire in the bedroom or a small storage ottoman that hides your living room blankets. You’ll know it’s time to clean and declutter if you feel tense when you walk into the room and everyone in your home is constantly on edge.


Add A Magnetic Screen To The Back Door


If you’re losing outdoor space, you can’t beat a magnetic screen for your back door. Although an open door will not replace a sunroom, it will keep bugs out, let in fresh air, and you won’t have to drill into anything. The screen is secured using adhesive tape.


Keep It Quiet


Living in an apartment or condominium means having neighbors, often right next to you. When you share a common wall, noise can be an issue. But, not if you take the time to properly minimize sound. Soundproof Cow explains that there are several DIY techniques to achieve this, including adding acoustic panels.


Change The Hardware


The handles, knobs, and drawer pulls in your kitchen and bathroom are likely builder grade, at best. But, for a small investment, you can quickly change these out without damaging any surface. You will need a few simple tools – Apartment Therapy offers recommendations on what tools you’ll need for an apartment – and a couple of hours. Make sure that you keep the original hardware in a bag so that you can reinstall it before you move out.


When you’re going from a home you own to a space you rent, it’s not always easy to make it feel like your own. However, you have lots of options. Between peel and stick wallpaper, new hardware, and screens that allow you to let the outdoors in, you can make your rented property a space you can call home, and you won’t get stuck with a big bill from the landlord at the end of your lease.


Special thanks going out to Michael Longsdon with elderfreedom.net for this excellent piece for our blog!

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