5 Affordable Home Decor Tips for Couples

Moving in together is an exciting time in any couple's life, but it can also bring about certain challenges. When you combine two lives, each person's design style, furniture choice, and color palette need to be considered. Here are some easy, affordable tips that you can implement to make moving in together fun and stress-free.

1. Decluttering Is Your New Best Friend

Everyone struggles to part with their belongings, especially those sentimental items and collections. However, decluttering is important for your mental health and physical well-being. It contributes to a more peaceful state of mind and reduces stress. When you move in with someone else, excess items can be overwhelming, and purging is necessary.

2. Make Decisions Together

The larger items that you need for your new space should be discussed as a couple. If you each have a dining table, couch, and bed, decide which ones to keep. If you're having a hard time, think about the following:

  • Which piece of furniture is newer, more stylish, and more likely to last longer?
  • Which pieces fit into your new home?
  • Do any pieces have sentimental value?
  • Do the furniture pieces complement each other and the design aesthetic?

3. Be Creative With Color

Color is an important part of home decor and something that can be achieved very affordably. You may already have enough decor items in your chosen color palette. When you're part of a duo, naturally you should both have input into what colors you choose for your home. Perhaps you love neutral tones, such as beige and cream, whereas your partner loves blue and green. You can easily combine these tones to create a relaxed coastal, farmhouse style.

4. Create Visual Interest

Creating an inexpensive focal wall in any room is fun, and there are lots of peel-and-stick wallpaper options that are great for adding visual interest. You can even upload and order a custom design. This peel-and-stick wallpaper is easy to use and can be removed easily without leaving behind a sticky residue. This means you can change the look and style easily and cheaply. It's an ideal option for renters who aren't allowed to paint their walls. Some areas in the home that can benefit from a splash of fun wallpaper are:

  • Small bathrooms. They can look cramped and dingy, but using a fun print and introducing some color can liven up a small bathroom.
  • Kitchen backsplash. This is a great idea that can transform your kitchen from drab to fab. Add a modern peel-and-stick tile backsplash to instantly elevate your home.
  • Bedroom focal point. Make your bedroom feel romantic and sophisticated with pretty wallpaper on the headboard wall.

5. Fun DIY Projects

Another great tip to make decorating affordable and fun is to embark on some easy DIY projects together. This can be a special way to spend time together as you create a new item for your home. The most affordable way to do this is with thrift furniture.

A Team Effort

Work with your partner to make your home an attractive place without breaking your budget through decluttering, judicious use of color and wallpaper, and selecting the most appropriate furnishings.

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