Hands-On Care: Relocating to Care for Loved Ones

At some point in time, you may determine you need to move closer to a senior loved one as a way to provide hands-on daily support. Consider what you’ll need to make the move a smooth one, including getting your old residence ready to sell, so you can get settled in short order. Here are some tips to help you coordinate a sale, purchase, and move. 


When to Move?


It can be tough deciding when to move closer to a senior relative. Most people treasure their independence, and your loved one might feel a move is premature, particularly if they can still manage the majority of activities of daily living on their own. On the other hand, if you wait too long, your loved one could be struggling with independent living, and may even be at risk of a fall, malnutrition, or an inability to manage chronic conditions. Ask for permission to be in touch with your loved one’s primary care providers to get a sense of their needs, and have an honest and direct conversation about the levels of help you’re prepared to provide.


Discussing Your Plans


When it comes time to start getting involved with your loved one’s healthcare decisions, it’s important to have a forthright discussion before making any definitive plans. While some elderly individuals appreciate the help and presence of their adult children or caregivers, others will see it as an intrusion, which is why Senior Living Source advises respectful dialogue. You may need to point to specific concerns, such as increasing memory lapses or accidents. Be gentle and understanding in your approach, and listen to your loved one’s fears and concerns. This can be an emotionally fragile time, and it should be handled compassionately. 


Making the Move


Consider what your new living environment will look like in your new location. If you’re downsizing, it’s a good time to donate or give away unwanted household and personal items. A knowledgeable real estate agent can help you get your house prepped for sale. Hire the experienced pros at Webster & Co Moving Services to assist in the packing and relocation. Try to time the move so you can get situated into your new home base right away, without the need for transitional housing. Your agent can help you establish utility services and offer advice for getting connected to your new community.


If you’re self-employed, moving presents a few additional challenges. Managing your business affairs will need to be altered somewhat to allow for the time and effort during the moving process, so plan ahead regarding scheduling and meeting deadlines. Be sure to communicate with clients or key customers that you may be out of pocket for periods of time so false expectations can be avoided. 


Helping Your Loved One


Once you’re settled in and have the opportunity to be with your loved one on a regular basis, make an assessment of their ongoing care needs. If your goal is to help them maintain independent living as long as possible, it might make sense to hire out some services that can aid in this effort. For example, home meal delivery, housekeeping, or even lawn service. You can find qualified vendors online by using service directories like Angi and Houzz. Read reviews before getting written estimates. If you’re on a budget, ask about discounts, credits, and special offers that can offset some of the costs.


Next Steps


At some point, you may find that your loved one needs a more advanced degree of help than you are able to provide. In this case, it might be wise to consider assisted living options. According to Senior Living.org, tour facilities in your area to get a feel for the environment, amenities, costs, and services, or use an online resource like the Administration for Community Living to help you make educated decisions about the best care options for your loved one. 


It can be emotionally challenging trying to help provide aging seniors with the best possible care. Approach the situation with kindness and compassion, and listen with an open heart to your loved one’s fears and concerns.


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Special thanks to Claire Wentz of Caringfromafar.com for writing this blog exclusively for Webster and Company Moving Services.

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